Friday, April 23, 2010

My 2010 far!

Sooooooo, I've been very busy gosh I slept only like 3-6 hours a day, and I have never really tell the story to you all :) Remember when I wrote about my engagement?
So apparently he bought the ring a while before he popped the question. He kept it in a check books box and put it on his desk. Apparently, his family, MY friend Vina, and most of his friends knew about it and I was THE ONLY ONE who didn't knew... GOSH!! I couldn't believe it! MY friend actually sealed her lips!! I was and still am shock, in a good way though :)
A few days after he bought the ring, I kinda had a fight with him. It was so stupid, but happened anyway hehe! After he proposed, he told me that when we had a fight, he wanted to say, "Hey I bought you a ring, so lets not fight!"
One night, we were just relaxing at home, about to go to sleep. Then all of sudden he got up and sat on his desk, checking his inbox and such. I didn't really pay attention. When he got done and got up, I told him to check on the baby crib. Then he told me the baby has something for me. I thought he was messing with me. He convinced me and I finally got up and check on the baby. I saw a ring laying next to our baby!!! He got on his knee and popped the question :) And I said yes!!! Yay!!

That's my engagement story :
Now my wedding story. Let me tell you something, there was no plan at all. So, we were at a family dinner in Olive Garden, Birmingham, Alabama. There was his parents, sister + boyfriend, grandma, our friend, Vina, and of course our little angel.
I'm not sure whether it was after we ate the meal or before, but he asked, "Wanna get married tomorrow?" and I casually said, "Ok!" without realizing what I was getting myself into :P
The next day, I woke up, took shower, had a pancake in the car, went to The Summit to find a wedding dress. It was quick! Then we went to get the ring, and when we get to the court, I saw my wedding bouquet. It was beautiful!
Then the wedding, it was very simple. We signed the paper, then the vow. I never thought the vow is going to be amazing! That time, was the happiest time in my life. For the first time, I felt like I made the right decision, being with the right man. Everything felt so right!

In my heart, I was more than happy! A simple wedding is what I always had in mind...actually, I never thought about getting married, never dream of having a wedding. The wedding I saw on TV scares the hell out of me! I don't wanna be a bridezilla aaaaaaaaaaaaa noooooooooooo!!!! Ok, enough my drama queen moment xD
Anyways, I love my dress so much. So simple, so lovely! Honestly, I dread the idea of a hot, stuffy heavy ball do they walk in that anyway???
I don't care for extravagant halls and a guest list that is a mile long. If something doesn't pan out quite the way that I planned, that's okay, something else will come a long. I love simplicity. My day is about the love I share with my hubby-to-be and that's all that really matters.

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