Saturday, April 10, 2010

More New Arrivals!

Hello lovelies, hows your weekend?
I love mine, especially since I am with Matt and Magali, my weekend is just simple but lovely! Last nite we went out shopping then watched movie at home. Of course, I have my favorite chocolate with me hehehe :D And today we are going to a park for grill out. Yay! So excited! Can't wait for my spicy grilled salmon hehe :P
Anyways, have you noticed there are more new arrivals from Anthropologie!! All flowery! Oh gosh...I coudln't resist...
Just about a week ago I wrote about Antro new arrivals, and this week there are more!
So here's my opinion about the new items that I really like ;)

Midnight Roses Top by Deletta
I love it! I received my Secured Corsage Tee in XS green last week, I am in love with the rose embellish! I wore it to school and got a lot of compliments :D
In this top, the chiffon rose embellish is very eye-catching. The pattern is lovely! I think this top will look great with crop jeans or skinny jeans. Great for work, if you're allowed to dress casual :) Wishlisted for me!

Homespun Horticultural Tank by Deletta
Another beautiful top by Deletta! Look at the neckline, ooooohh I am in love! And the shirt pattern reminds me of summer day at the beach in Bali... Oh you, lovely top, you will be mine soon! :D

Pearly Glow Tank by Velvet
I love bows, I love white. Surely I am in love with this top :D It looks so soft and light. Perfect for summer. And it can be washed with machine! Yay! Hehehe... I sometimes think twice to buy clothes that needs to be dry cleaned. Well, this top is wishlisted.

Click here to see more of Anthro new arrivals. Which one is in your wishlist / favorite?

Have a lovely weekend!


SUGAR said...

i love the corsage top! corsages make everything better ;p


Hita said...

Yeah, and they're very easy to dress up or dress down. Love 'em!

Chloe said...

I'm glad to know I wasn't the only one that did a double-take with the Homespun Horticultural Tank by Deletta- it's such a simple thing (the black + white print with colorful neckline), but so gorgeous!