Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Lovely Tuesday!

Lovely lovely lovely Tuesday! I love this Tuesday!
After school, my hubby, and I and our baby went to sell some of our clothes at Platoz Closet, then shop a little but at Tuesday Morning. I love that shop, we got a lot of gifts :)
Then Hy-Vee for Chinese lunch, and more shopping around Lindalle Mall while he stayed at Starbucks in Barnes and Noble. I scored Jessica Simpson beautiful leather carry-on bag, it's brown and gold. Love it! I couldn't find it online though... But anyways, the price was $142, but went on sale for $39.99! What a great deal! I'll take a picture some time :D But yeah, it's perfect size for the weekend or just carry-on. Will fill it up with lots of diapers and formula for the trip! {In case you don't know, I am flying back to Bali, Indonesia on the 22nd of May}
I am so in love, so madly in love with my hubby and my baby!


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Anonymous said...

the bag sounds like a great bargain! great find.
i love the last pic in the post x