Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter bunny

Happy Easter all! Did you go egg hunting?

My Easter this year is very simple, but special! I went out of town with my hubby and my baby. And then...

we went out for dinner. It was just simple dinner, but very delicious meal! Yummm...

He bought me a cup of a delicious hot chocolate after dinner. It was yummmm! Makes me happy :D

And we ate chocolate cookies too!

Oh, here's some new items in my shop ;)

Get 15% discount with code: FLAVANILLA in the "message to seller" during check out. Refund will be made through PayPal :)
Also! Some new items from my "window shopping online" hehehe, thought you might like it, 'coz I loooooooooove it!

(+) I think this handbag is a true beauty! It's leather in nude pinkish color with a cute bow in the front. My favorite as far as color and design!

Yup yup, I'm obsessed with flats in Aqua/Seafoam color for summer! And anything leather is just my favorite ;)

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