Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Anthropologie New Arrivals.....AGAIN!! And stuff I'm looking for

New arrivals AGAIN??? Oh noooooooooo! Here's my picks, all in green :)

Glimpse-Of-Glitz Tank by C. Keer {#013150}
Immediately in my wishlist! This top is adorable! Versatile and casual at the same time. Look at the neckline details and the bow, how beautiful! You can dress it up with black pants and a blzer, or dress it down with crop jeans and flip flop to make it casual but classy :)

Vintage Lace Chemise by Leifsdottir {#18424788}
This top is so cute, also available in white, looks so angelic. I love it, perfect for hanging out at the beach all day, but $188 for it? Well, even though I love it, I wouldn't spend that much for a cotton top...


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