Saturday, April 3, 2010

Anthropologie New Arrivals!

Actually yesterday I wanted to post about the New Arrivals at Anthro, but oh well, to much distraction I guess! Magali was being so cute that I couldn't help not to play with her hehehe... But anyways, here's some of the new arrivals that I love ;)

Through-The-Clouds Tank by C. Keer
I have this top size XS in Ivory. It's beautiful! The embroidery and embellishment is lovely! It can be dress up or dress down. Definitely a must have ;)

Fissured Shell by Lil

Last time I went to Anthro store was last month in St.Louis Missouri. I wanted to try this top, but it wasn't available at that time :( But anyways, I love this top! It looks versatile, definitely can be dress up or dress down but classy. Love it, gotta have it! Wishlisted

Anthurium Blouse by Floreat

I am a sucker for embroidery! I love this top, but not that much that I want to have it. It's too crowded, so this one is not for me...

Hep Posies Tunic by Tracy Reese
Love the pattern!

Meeting Place Tank by Little Yellow Button

Oh how I am so in love with rosette embellishment! This top is perfect for summer vacation. Simple, stylish, French like! Love it!!

Sprinkled Shells Tank by Deletta
Beautiful beautiful beautiful!!! The sequins are like pearl, or something from the shell. Plus the eyelet! Wishlisted :D

Roaming Frills Cardigan by Guinevere
Oh look, how delicate! The model is also wearing Sprinkled Shells Tank by Deletta!! Lovely!

Also in different color...

I don't normally like red in cardigan, but for this one, I'll go with the red.

So which one is your favorite item from Anthropologie's new arrivals?
For more items, visit Anthropologie

Have a lovely weekend!

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