Friday, April 23, 2010

My 2010 far!

Sooooooo, I've been very busy gosh I slept only like 3-6 hours a day, and I have never really tell the story to you all :) Remember when I wrote about my engagement?
So apparently he bought the ring a while before he popped the question. He kept it in a check books box and put it on his desk. Apparently, his family, MY friend Vina, and most of his friends knew about it and I was THE ONLY ONE who didn't knew... GOSH!! I couldn't believe it! MY friend actually sealed her lips!! I was and still am shock, in a good way though :)
A few days after he bought the ring, I kinda had a fight with him. It was so stupid, but happened anyway hehe! After he proposed, he told me that when we had a fight, he wanted to say, "Hey I bought you a ring, so lets not fight!"
One night, we were just relaxing at home, about to go to sleep. Then all of sudden he got up and sat on his desk, checking his inbox and such. I didn't really pay attention. When he got done and got up, I told him to check on the baby crib. Then he told me the baby has something for me. I thought he was messing with me. He convinced me and I finally got up and check on the baby. I saw a ring laying next to our baby!!! He got on his knee and popped the question :) And I said yes!!! Yay!!

That's my engagement story :
Now my wedding story. Let me tell you something, there was no plan at all. So, we were at a family dinner in Olive Garden, Birmingham, Alabama. There was his parents, sister + boyfriend, grandma, our friend, Vina, and of course our little angel.
I'm not sure whether it was after we ate the meal or before, but he asked, "Wanna get married tomorrow?" and I casually said, "Ok!" without realizing what I was getting myself into :P
The next day, I woke up, took shower, had a pancake in the car, went to The Summit to find a wedding dress. It was quick! Then we went to get the ring, and when we get to the court, I saw my wedding bouquet. It was beautiful!
Then the wedding, it was very simple. We signed the paper, then the vow. I never thought the vow is going to be amazing! That time, was the happiest time in my life. For the first time, I felt like I made the right decision, being with the right man. Everything felt so right!

In my heart, I was more than happy! A simple wedding is what I always had in mind...actually, I never thought about getting married, never dream of having a wedding. The wedding I saw on TV scares the hell out of me! I don't wanna be a bridezilla aaaaaaaaaaaaa noooooooooooo!!!! Ok, enough my drama queen moment xD
Anyways, I love my dress so much. So simple, so lovely! Honestly, I dread the idea of a hot, stuffy heavy ball do they walk in that anyway???
I don't care for extravagant halls and a guest list that is a mile long. If something doesn't pan out quite the way that I planned, that's okay, something else will come a long. I love simplicity. My day is about the love I share with my hubby-to-be and that's all that really matters.

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Lets get some shoes!



Sunday, April 18, 2010

Happy Birthday, my hubby!

Happy Birthday, my hubby! I love you.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Got my Anthro card!!

Hello lovelies, hows your weekend?
This morning my husband woke me up with a small brown envelope from Anthropologie. He was so excited about it, was curious and wanted me to open it as soon as possible! So I opened it, and...oh hello, Anthro card! Welcome to the family :D

Have a lovely weekend!

Friday, April 16, 2010

Obsession: Lanvin gown

My dream gown :)

Silk-mousseline embellished gown by Lanvin
Have a lovely weekend!

From me, to you

Every time I look at the photo album when my daughter was born, I fall in love. I fall in love with my husband and our lovely angel all over again. Every day.
I feel like I am the luckiest girl on earth every time I think about the day when our daughter was born, my husband stayed with me and supported me in the delivery room, then cut our daughter's umbilical cord. He was my biggest supporter! He hold my hand tightly and kissed my forehead when I was in pain. He stayed next to me while I was sleeping after I got my epidural :D

I am very thankful and blessed to have my husband and daughter with me. I couldn't imagine how my life's gonna be without them. I love them so much that I can't describe it. They are my inspiration. They are my happiness. They are my biggest supporters. They are my precious!
I love you, Matt and Magali. I love you both so much!

I have found my happiness. I am content.

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Thursday, April 15, 2010


Valance Tank by C. Keer
Available in Ivory and Sky. Ivory is my choice! Oh gosh, blush pink and ivory are my weakness. I am so in love with tank top in that color with either rosette embellishment or lacey bows...

Through-The-Clouds Tank is available in blush PINK!!!!!

My birthday is in 16 days!! All wishlisted. Hopefully my Anthro card will come asap hehehe :D


Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Anthropologie New Arrivals.....AGAIN!! And stuff I'm looking for

New arrivals AGAIN??? Oh noooooooooo! Here's my picks, all in green :)

Glimpse-Of-Glitz Tank by C. Keer {#013150}
Immediately in my wishlist! This top is adorable! Versatile and casual at the same time. Look at the neckline details and the bow, how beautiful! You can dress it up with black pants and a blzer, or dress it down with crop jeans and flip flop to make it casual but classy :)

Vintage Lace Chemise by Leifsdottir {#18424788}
This top is so cute, also available in white, looks so angelic. I love it, perfect for hanging out at the beach all day, but $188 for it? Well, even though I love it, I wouldn't spend that much for a cotton top...


Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Lovely Tuesday!

Lovely lovely lovely Tuesday! I love this Tuesday!
After school, my hubby, and I and our baby went to sell some of our clothes at Platoz Closet, then shop a little but at Tuesday Morning. I love that shop, we got a lot of gifts :)
Then Hy-Vee for Chinese lunch, and more shopping around Lindalle Mall while he stayed at Starbucks in Barnes and Noble. I scored Jessica Simpson beautiful leather carry-on bag, it's brown and gold. Love it! I couldn't find it online though... But anyways, the price was $142, but went on sale for $39.99! What a great deal! I'll take a picture some time :D But yeah, it's perfect size for the weekend or just carry-on. Will fill it up with lots of diapers and formula for the trip! {In case you don't know, I am flying back to Bali, Indonesia on the 22nd of May}
I am so in love, so madly in love with my hubby and my baby!


In the mood for quote

Yup! Life is about letting go... Let go of the bad memories in the past, be positive thinking and move on :)

Smile whenever you're sad. Let the world see you're a happy and strong lady! ;)

Have a beautiful day! x0x0

Monday, April 12, 2010

Lavender Groove

I am still doing my online quiz at the moment. It's 4am... Bored? of course! So I went to Creature Comforts and a post about Lavender Groove makes me want to post a blog :D I loooove this home!
Isn't it cozy?

And of course, my little princess get her own little pad :)

Happy Monday!

Sunday, April 11, 2010


What I love about Sunday:
Waking up late, at like noon :D Today's surprise was a big box of donuts aaaaaaww I love my husband!! :D

Chillin with my hubby and baby. I enjoy every minute with them.

How was your Sunday?

Saturday, April 10, 2010

More New Arrivals!

Hello lovelies, hows your weekend?
I love mine, especially since I am with Matt and Magali, my weekend is just simple but lovely! Last nite we went out shopping then watched movie at home. Of course, I have my favorite chocolate with me hehehe :D And today we are going to a park for grill out. Yay! So excited! Can't wait for my spicy grilled salmon hehe :P
Anyways, have you noticed there are more new arrivals from Anthropologie!! All flowery! Oh gosh...I coudln't resist...
Just about a week ago I wrote about Antro new arrivals, and this week there are more!
So here's my opinion about the new items that I really like ;)

Midnight Roses Top by Deletta
I love it! I received my Secured Corsage Tee in XS green last week, I am in love with the rose embellish! I wore it to school and got a lot of compliments :D
In this top, the chiffon rose embellish is very eye-catching. The pattern is lovely! I think this top will look great with crop jeans or skinny jeans. Great for work, if you're allowed to dress casual :) Wishlisted for me!

Homespun Horticultural Tank by Deletta
Another beautiful top by Deletta! Look at the neckline, ooooohh I am in love! And the shirt pattern reminds me of summer day at the beach in Bali... Oh you, lovely top, you will be mine soon! :D

Pearly Glow Tank by Velvet
I love bows, I love white. Surely I am in love with this top :D It looks so soft and light. Perfect for summer. And it can be washed with machine! Yay! Hehehe... I sometimes think twice to buy clothes that needs to be dry cleaned. Well, this top is wishlisted.

Click here to see more of Anthro new arrivals. Which one is in your wishlist / favorite?

Have a lovely weekend!

Friday, April 9, 2010

Dreamy pod

Aaaaaaaaww... Looking at this picture makes me feel like living in a wonderland!

Have a lovely weekend!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010


I am ecstatic! Super super ecstatic!! ;)


Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Lace cookies on a stormy day

Hello lovelies, how are you doing today?
It's stormy in my town, I love thunders! I am content, staying at home with my husband and my daughter, snuggle up and relax with a cup of yummy Hills Bros Cappuccino. To honest with you, I am obsessed with this cappuccino! I could drink 2-3 cups a day and become so hyper all day hehe :D
I really wish I could eat lace cookies right now! I missed it so much... I think it'll be perfect with a cup of cappuccino hehe!

Check out Grammy Gwen's Cookie Shoppe. I am going to order some very soon ;)

Monday, April 5, 2010

Dreamy, fairy tale-like house

fairy tale-like


Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter bunny

Happy Easter all! Did you go egg hunting?

My Easter this year is very simple, but special! I went out of town with my hubby and my baby. And then...

we went out for dinner. It was just simple dinner, but very delicious meal! Yummm...

He bought me a cup of a delicious hot chocolate after dinner. It was yummmm! Makes me happy :D

And we ate chocolate cookies too!

Oh, here's some new items in my shop ;)

Get 15% discount with code: FLAVANILLA in the "message to seller" during check out. Refund will be made through PayPal :)
Also! Some new items from my "window shopping online" hehehe, thought you might like it, 'coz I loooooooooove it!

(+) I think this handbag is a true beauty! It's leather in nude pinkish color with a cute bow in the front. My favorite as far as color and design!

Yup yup, I'm obsessed with flats in Aqua/Seafoam color for summer! And anything leather is just my favorite ;)

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Anthropologie New Arrivals!

Actually yesterday I wanted to post about the New Arrivals at Anthro, but oh well, to much distraction I guess! Magali was being so cute that I couldn't help not to play with her hehehe... But anyways, here's some of the new arrivals that I love ;)

Through-The-Clouds Tank by C. Keer
I have this top size XS in Ivory. It's beautiful! The embroidery and embellishment is lovely! It can be dress up or dress down. Definitely a must have ;)

Fissured Shell by Lil

Last time I went to Anthro store was last month in St.Louis Missouri. I wanted to try this top, but it wasn't available at that time :( But anyways, I love this top! It looks versatile, definitely can be dress up or dress down but classy. Love it, gotta have it! Wishlisted

Anthurium Blouse by Floreat

I am a sucker for embroidery! I love this top, but not that much that I want to have it. It's too crowded, so this one is not for me...

Hep Posies Tunic by Tracy Reese
Love the pattern!

Meeting Place Tank by Little Yellow Button

Oh how I am so in love with rosette embellishment! This top is perfect for summer vacation. Simple, stylish, French like! Love it!!

Sprinkled Shells Tank by Deletta
Beautiful beautiful beautiful!!! The sequins are like pearl, or something from the shell. Plus the eyelet! Wishlisted :D

Roaming Frills Cardigan by Guinevere
Oh look, how delicate! The model is also wearing Sprinkled Shells Tank by Deletta!! Lovely!

Also in different color...

I don't normally like red in cardigan, but for this one, I'll go with the red.

So which one is your favorite item from Anthropologie's new arrivals?
For more items, visit Anthropologie

Have a lovely weekend!