Saturday, March 27, 2010


The first thought when I see ruffle is oh so dreamy! I love the way it looks in a top, dress, or skirt. I saw a pair of ruffle pumps in mauve color at Revival boutique! Sooo adorable!
Well I like those ruffles on tops, like these...

From (+) and (+)
Or on skirts like these...

From here (+)
Or dress...

From here (+) (+) (+)
What do you think about ruffles? Do you like 'em?
Oh, I love this Frilly Broderie Bikini

from Topshop hehehe! I love it!
Topshop and Miss Selfridge are my favorite clothing store when I was living in Indonesia. I used to go to Miss Selfridge store in J-town, and Topshop at Discovery Mall Bali, then after shop til drop, I would spend the whole afternoon at Black Canyon, a coffee shop behind the mall while watching the sunset.
Ooooooooooohh I can't wait to hit the beach and get sunburn!!

I miss my Indonesia!!!!!

Have a lovely weekend!

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