Tuesday, March 9, 2010

My fairytale ♥

Have you ever thought about getting married? Picturing how your wedding is gonna be like?
I heard most girls want their wedding to be like a fairytale. Big party, dream dress, and such...
Personally, I have never picture myself getting married, let alone dreaming of having a "fairytale wedding" like most girls do. I couldn't see myself doing that hehehehe. Maybe me in the past love to deny myself. LOL. But really, I'm not the kind of girl who dreams of wedding and build a family.
Me, in the past, was too busy chasing my own dreams, too busy working, trying to be independent, too busy making jewelry and designing clothes, too busy planning a trip. Me now??? Still the same! Plus, happily taking care of Magali and Matt, being a student (not trying to be a good one though). A happier me, living in a little cozy nest with my little family! =)
Matt and I have been talking about getting married lately. Still I just can't think about throwing a wedding party. We both want a simple party just for the whole family and really close friends. And if I have to wear a white dress, these are my kind of dress. One day I will wear one of them :)

I love these heels too!

Or maybe this flat?

If I was taller (I'm only 5'4"), I would love to wear this dress...

or this one...

What about you?


Mila said...

I feel exactly the same way!
I am not into big fat wedding parties either.
It's supposed to be about the love between you and the other, not about a big party for others.

Love the dresses too, especially the first one!

Hope you are doing great, dear Hita.


krystal said...

are those the anthropologie dresses? oh yes, they are coming out with a wedding line!

Clara said...

I love the second dress!