Saturday, March 20, 2010

ending of Spring Break

So here I am, in Courtyard Marriott Hotel, Missouri. We left Birmingham, Alabama this morning *sobs* So sad... I miss Milo's grilled cheese and sweet tea!!! And I can't sleep because I didn't have a bowl of frosted cornflakes uncle Budd gave me every night...
And I accidentally left my wedding bouquet at Uncle Budd's house... But gladly I've got the picture of my wedding bouquet!

Anyways, my trip this time is very special! I get to meet my husband's family. I love Uncle Budd, Aunt Louis, and their lovely! Lots of vintage stuff, I felt like I was staying in a dreamy wonderland! Then, the wedding, so simple but very special! Don't forget the delicious food I had! Gosh *mouthwatering* I want grilled oysterrrrrrrrrr from The Fish Market!!!!!!! Enough rambling about food >_<
Wanna peek into my shopping bag? Here's what I bought...

Balletomane Tank by Burlapp
I've been wanting that top, and was so lucky I found size XS in Anthropologie store at The Summit, Birmingham-AL. It was on sale!!!!!!!!
Next... This Merino ethereal ruffle cardigan by JCrew my mother in law bought for me for my wedding hehehe, I love it!

Isn't it beautiful? It's just plain black, but I love the dainty ruffle of crinkled silk chiffon trims around the neckline, perfect to dress up or dress down :)
More beauties...

(+) (+) (+)
I know I know... I just can't help it! I love the smell of lavender, makes me relax and feel lovely! The perfume and hand cream is just fab! It so smooth, smells lovely, and last for long!
The soap is just amazing! It makes your skin super soft. Gosh...I need to stop! From The Body Shop to Anthropologie beauty, I think I need to go back to The Body Shop. Or maybe combine both so I won't be broke anytime soon :D

How was your Spring Break?


Katie said...

OMG you are cute, and gorgeous. Love the photos on your blog. This dress is nice, it looks really light to wear which is good. Ruffles are beautful. Please visit my blog sometime. xo

Hita said...

Aaaaaaww thank you, Katie! I visited your blog and I love it! x0x0