Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Obsession: s.h.o.e.s

I don't know what's up with me and shoes, especially pink shoes! It seems like I'm obsessed! I'm pretty sure it's because last Christmas, I didn't get a pair of pink Zara flats because they didn't have my size (6). That Zara pink flats was oh so dreamy and adorable! I think I'm not over it...yet! LOL. Just kidding!
Pink shoes looks dreamy and catch my eye, thats all :)





Another favorite shoes: Maryjane!!! I wore a lot of maryjane shoes when I was in kindergarten school. I loved it! Here's some of Maryjane Pumps for adults :D

Find it here: (+) (+) (+) (+)
And of course, another maryjane pumps from my favorite shop, Anthropologie =)

All wishlisted!
Because my mind is so twisted xD


Amber said...

cute picks!! Your blog is adorable!!

Clara said...

Gougeous!! I love red shoes!