Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Charmbracelet watch

I love charmbracelet watches! I had one from Chanel that I bought a few years ago for my 20th birthday. A girl is allowed to spoil herself on her birthday, right! :P

Loved it! At the moment I'm crazy about pearl! And this lovely charmbracelets pearl are too pretty!

(+) (+)
Do you like charmbracelet watches?

Monday, March 29, 2010

Pimpin' your leg!

I loooooooooove decorating my legs! I don't think "decorating" is the right word, tho :D

I loooooooove this beautiful rainboots! The vintage flower pattern is so lovely, and the most important is its soft fleece lining to keep you warm.
I'm imagining wearing this rainboots with a white trench coat! Hhhmmmmm I think I'm getting this for next Fall :D
Find it here

Free People is ON SALE!!!!!!!
After got a lot of compliments for my tights on my wedding picture that I uploaded on Facebook and a lot of my friends asked me where I got the tights, I am more confident to buy more of it with vintage flowery pattern!
You can find it here
Also here, here, here, and here
Here's my summer whistlist...


Enjoy the video!

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Saturday, March 27, 2010


The first thought when I see ruffle is oh so dreamy! I love the way it looks in a top, dress, or skirt. I saw a pair of ruffle pumps in mauve color at Revival boutique! Sooo adorable!
Well I like those ruffles on tops, like these...

From (+) and (+)
Or on skirts like these...

From here (+)
Or dress...

From here (+) (+) (+)
What do you think about ruffles? Do you like 'em?
Oh, I love this Frilly Broderie Bikini

from Topshop hehehe! I love it!
Topshop and Miss Selfridge are my favorite clothing store when I was living in Indonesia. I used to go to Miss Selfridge store in J-town, and Topshop at Discovery Mall Bali, then after shop til drop, I would spend the whole afternoon at Black Canyon, a coffee shop behind the mall while watching the sunset.
Ooooooooooohh I can't wait to hit the beach and get sunburn!!

I miss my Indonesia!!!!!

Have a lovely weekend!

Friday, March 26, 2010

A lovely boutique in Iowa City

Hello lovelies, how are you today?
A couple of days ago, I went to Iowa City with my husband, my daughter, and my good friend, Vina. We were just hanging out, walking on the strip mall. Vina and I ended up in this lovely boutique, Revival.

When I saw their store window, I just knew they had great stuff! And I was right :D
Gosh! Sooooooooo many vintage clothes/shoes, tons of beautiful dresses!
They have new and used clothing and shoes. There was a pair of Steve Madden high heels pumps, very comfortable for only $14! There was a pair of Frye boots for only $68!!!
Definitely a must go! Here's their address:
117 East College St
Iowa City, IA 52240
Phone: (319)337-4511
Here's their store hours...

Support local boutiques!

PS. Do you know Zooey Deschanel from She & Him? Or the movie 500 days of summer?
I love her style!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Obsession: s.h.o.e.s

I don't know what's up with me and shoes, especially pink shoes! It seems like I'm obsessed! I'm pretty sure it's because last Christmas, I didn't get a pair of pink Zara flats because they didn't have my size (6). That Zara pink flats was oh so dreamy and adorable! I think I'm not over it...yet! LOL. Just kidding!
Pink shoes looks dreamy and catch my eye, thats all :)





Another favorite shoes: Maryjane!!! I wore a lot of maryjane shoes when I was in kindergarten school. I loved it! Here's some of Maryjane Pumps for adults :D

Find it here: (+) (+) (+) (+)
And of course, another maryjane pumps from my favorite shop, Anthropologie =)

All wishlisted!
Because my mind is so twisted xD

Happy Wednesday!

Hello there, how are you today? Hhmmm I just don't feel like going to school, I want more Spring Break!!! Hehehe. Anyways, just wanna share some lovelies to brignten your day :)

Photo by Pauline Darley via Pandora

by Gingerlillytea
And here's some new items in my shop :)

Have a lovely day!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

The "it" dress

Soooo, more story about my 2nd and 3rd visit to Anthropologie store in Alabama and Missouri :) {my 1st visit was to Anthropologie store at La Cantera, San Antonio-TX}
I noticed they have the "it" dress. Of course, I couldn't resist the temptation to try it on :D Unfortunately they didn't have my size. Anyways, here's their "it" dress...

Drifting By Dress by Burlapp
First time I saw this dress online, I fell in love! Then I saw it in the store, I just can't stop thinking about it :D But only size 4 and up available in the stores, and I'm size 0.
So, what do you think about this dress?

Optical Illusion Dress by Burlapp
I love the design of this dress, plus the polka dots pattern and chiffon flower on the belt/waist.
Another favorite dress, Elding Slip Dress by Left of Center...

Anthropologie doesn't have this dress anymore. But if anyone knows/have it in size 0, I would love to buy it hehehe :D
This dress reminds me of Alice in wonderland! I love the vintage/old look in this dress. Oh so dreamy!

ending of Spring Break

So here I am, in Courtyard Marriott Hotel, Missouri. We left Birmingham, Alabama this morning *sobs* So sad... I miss Milo's grilled cheese and sweet tea!!! And I can't sleep because I didn't have a bowl of frosted cornflakes uncle Budd gave me every night...
And I accidentally left my wedding bouquet at Uncle Budd's house... But gladly I've got the picture of my wedding bouquet!

Anyways, my trip this time is very special! I get to meet my husband's family. I love Uncle Budd, Aunt Louis, and their lovely! Lots of vintage stuff, I felt like I was staying in a dreamy wonderland! Then, the wedding, so simple but very special! Don't forget the delicious food I had! Gosh *mouthwatering* I want grilled oysterrrrrrrrrr from The Fish Market!!!!!!! Enough rambling about food >_<
Wanna peek into my shopping bag? Here's what I bought...

Balletomane Tank by Burlapp
I've been wanting that top, and was so lucky I found size XS in Anthropologie store at The Summit, Birmingham-AL. It was on sale!!!!!!!!
Next... This Merino ethereal ruffle cardigan by JCrew my mother in law bought for me for my wedding hehehe, I love it!

Isn't it beautiful? It's just plain black, but I love the dainty ruffle of crinkled silk chiffon trims around the neckline, perfect to dress up or dress down :)
More beauties...

(+) (+) (+)
I know I know... I just can't help it! I love the smell of lavender, makes me relax and feel lovely! The perfume and hand cream is just fab! It so smooth, smells lovely, and last for long!
The soap is just amazing! It makes your skin super soft. Gosh...I need to stop! From The Body Shop to Anthropologie beauty, I think I need to go back to The Body Shop. Or maybe combine both so I won't be broke anytime soon :D

How was your Spring Break?