Thursday, February 11, 2010

LONDON College of Fashion!!

Hello hello hello! I'm too excited today! Jumping around like a bunny on acid xD
I got an offer for BA Fashion Management! I had meant to announce this a couple of days ago but I needed time to digest the news and a beauty rest after all the immense work placed towards my portfolio, organizing my past works and my personal statement (I never knew writing about myself can be so difficult til I had this challenge).

Assuming you will want to know the details, the whole interview lasted 45mins, loads of questions asked and answered. I can just put it this way, it is definitely not easy for an international to get into London College of Fashion! He asked so many questions, that at some point, I felt if I was unable to convince him "I am good enough for the course", that's it. I am out of the room.

Now, I just need to sort out my thoughts and the application forms and I will be in for 2010 admission!



Sundari said...

Congratulations on your admission! Good for you! Does this mean you are moving to London?

the Lovelist said...

WOW THAT IS AMAZING!!!!!! you are seriously moving to London? for how long?!

Anonymous said...

Hey, just discovered your blog! How cool, I got an offer two days ago! Can't wait! Have you excepted? When are you going?

Maria Hita said...

Anniken - I probably start on Spring next year. How about you?

Krystal - Yes, I am moving to London. It's far away from US, but cheaper for my husband to come visit me and our little angel (rather than fly to Indonesia...)

Sun - Thank you honey!