Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Monday, Tuesday, and rain...

MONDAY!!! ...and the torture begins!
Gosh I hate Monday! Monday 2-3 weeks ago, Matt, Vina (my Indonesian friend), and I went to Iowa City, which is like 30 minutes from Cedar Rapids, just to eat Korean food. But guess what, the Korean Restaurant is closed on Monday!
And this Monday, we went to Taste of India because I'm craving for spicy Indian food, and the rest you can guess... Yep! That's right! Taste of India is closed on Monday. Grgrgrgrgrrrrrrrr! Then we ended up at Taj Mahal, another Indian Restaurant. Oh my God!!! It's so t-t-t-t-tasty tasty! I'm addicted to Indian food, especially that pink chicken (I don't know the name...) Matt had OH GOSH I could eat 10 pieces of that! Hehehehehehehehehehe...
Hhhhmmmm I should stop complaining :P I should be thinking about Monday morning, when Matt opened the door and there's a package for me. My red Steve Madden shoes came to make my day :)

Oh gosh! It's 4:20 AM, I have class at 9 AM!! Nnnooooooooooo!!
...and bloody Iowa is raining again!

Happy Tuesday!

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SUGAR said...

yuuum indian food is the best cure for anything!! you lucky thing ;)

monday is the suckiest day, maybe if monday was also "free piggyback to school day" then it wouldnt be as bad... ;)