Sunday, October 18, 2009

Baby's out!!!!! ♥ Magali Elisa ♥

Wohohohohohohohohoho finally baby's out! My baby girl, Magali Elisa Copus was born on October 16, 2009 (on Grandma & Grandpa Copus' 27th Anniversary!), at 5:23 pm, weight 7 pounds (3,2 kg), height 20.50 inch (52 cm), very adorable and cute!
I have baby Magali and Papa Matt Copus. I love them both! ♥


krystal said...

ohhhhhh my goodness, how adorable!!! congratulations, i'm so happy for you!

LanguageTimothy said...

Ohh shes so small and sweet and tiiiny :) congratulations!

SUGAR said...

aaaw congratulations!! shes perfect!


ashley said...

she is stunning!
congratulations to you,
hope you are getting rest and feeling great,
x ashley