Thursday, September 17, 2009

Jewelery for sale!!

Hello my lovelies, I hope you all good! I'm just counting the days... I think 16 days left, then my baby girl will come out ;) Hopefully!
So I've been making necklace, but the pictures isn't good, I don't really like it...
Does anybody know what kind of camera I should use to make a better pictures of tiny objects?


krystal said...

you could use the micro setting if you have one! or use google picasa (you have to download it) to edit them...hope that helps!

SUGAR said...

aaw so pretty! i love very delicate pendants like that - gaawgeous!!

aaw thanks very much ;) i love your blog also!


Meaghan Kelly said...

oh wow!! 16 days! thats amazing! you must be getting soooo excited!!!!!
the necklaces are gorgeous, but really congratulations in advance!!! hope everything goes well! xo

Claradevi said...

hey there! new reader here :)
DSLR camera and micro lens are the best way to get very clear small images, but they're quite pricey and sometimes we don't really need them for personal photos. I think you can just try to set the focus points to any micro shots option in the camera's feature... goodluck!

oh, and your blog is so lovely :)

Sundari said...

Oh wow. any minute now you're going to be a mummy!!! Oh my goodness...

In regards to the camera, if you really want to continue to take great shots of jewellery then you need a DSLR (proper camera) and then get a proper lens. Although you could also to make things a little bit more fun (and I'm sure it's a bit cheaper) use a polaroid camera and take polaroid shots of the jewellery. But if you make a mistake then it uses up a lot of film.