Saturday, May 30, 2009

Want some more accessories???

Ppppffffff can't wait for payday on Friday! I want some more accessories... I found this lovely accessories after stumbling around Lulu's, Ruche, and Urban Outfitters =)

Aren't they cute??? But as always, I can't make up my mind which 1 I really really like cos I like 'em all!! I wish I could grow money in the backyard...
Oh oh oh...I just bought this duffel bag from Urban Outfitters for my weekend trip and soon for my baby's diapers bag, so Matt won't be embarrassed carrying a diapers bag :P



krystal said...

i am in LOVE with that it urban outfitters?

Hita said...

me too, pretty peacock leather hey!
it's from check it out, u'll love that shop! x0x0