Thursday, May 21, 2009


Hello my lovely, how are you today?
I just got back from school trip to Springfield, Illinois and Hannibal, Missouri. It was fun! And my little nugget in my uterus has been moving a lot too! My lovely teacher, Marilee, couldn't believe that I am prego, until she saw my little belly :P
Anyways, now that Matt is in DC and I have more time at home, I've been shopping a lot! Online shopping, of course... I don't know why, since I got pregnant, I hate going to the mall or even to Walmart or Target for grocery. Well, only if I REALLY REALLY need something or if Matt wants to grocery shop, then I will go...
Oh, I'm following a lovely blog called A Cup of Jo and I noticed she's been mentioning about Toast a lot! So, I visited the website and fall in love with these two lovely tunics!

dobby dot cap sleeve shirt £59.00

fine voile tunic £75.00
I love them both!! I think I'm gonna purchase the 1st one within this week ;)
And oh, another lovely shop called Anthropologie!! This is my favorite top from that shop...

Pleated Petal Tank $98.00
Oooooohh!! I wish I could find a job as a personal shopper!


Krystal said...

if i had enough money to pay you as a personal shopper you could be mine! I loved toast when i saw it on cup of joe...i need to figure out if it ships in the US w/o costing ton!!

Hita said...

Aaaaaaaaaaaawww... Ahahaha that'd be nice! Toast ships to US but the shipping cost is £25 for 1-3 items, which is like almost US$ 40!!!!! Gosh... I won't eat for a week then so I can afford a top from Toast T_T