Saturday, May 30, 2009

Pick a sandal/flat shoes for me...

Hello my lovelies, how you doin? Wooo hooo! It's getting hotter n hotter in Iowa! I love it!! I'm just thinking about buying a new sandal for this summer. Found few from Toast and Urban Outfitters, but can't make up my mind...they're too pretty!

Camille Pump by Toast

Ecote Leather Cutout Skimmer by Urban Outfitters

Ecote Leather Huarache by Urban Outfitters

Kimchi Blue Crisscross Sandal by Urban Outfitters

Ecote Woven Sandal by Urban Outfitters
Which 1 do you think is the cutest?


krystal said...

it is a draw between the top blue and the bottom blue! maybe the bottom for summer :)

Hita said...

aaaww thank you! the top 1 is from Toast and it's so damn expensive :( so i bought the bottom 1 ;)

Jaena said...

How cool design of flat shoes and sandals... First blue one is just wonderful...