Saturday, May 23, 2009

Guilty pleasure...

Pardon me for my shopping habit... I think I need to go to a rehab for shopaholic! I have spent $500 for online shopping in less than 2 weeks!!!!! I told Matt about it last night and I think I gave him a premature heart attack! I am a Business Management student, but I am learning nothing from it, I don't even know how to manage my money, or how to budget :(
Just a few minutes ago, I purchased 2 Aviator Sunglasses from Lulu's

The red one is for me, and the purple one is for my friend, Vina.
Hhhhmmmmmm now I'm thinking, what else should I buy??? :P


ck said...

you can buy me something! haha! :p those glasses are cuuute!

ck said...

oh that's me krystal!