Saturday, March 7, 2009


I want Indonesian food! I want pickles covered with chocolate! I want fried banana with chocolate and strawberry sauce and shreded cheese! Oh oh oh I LOVE FOOD!!
Today, I'm craving for an Indonesian food called Oseng-oseng mercon. It's really spicy!
Here's what it looks like and the recipe...

500 gr beef, slice thin
250 gr green chili

10 pieces shallot, slice thin
4 pieces garlic, slice thin
soy bean sauce
palm sugar

1. Boil the beef and put a little bit of salt until its half done
2. In a different pan, cook the spices with a little bit of oil (2-3 table spoon)
3. Put the beef with a little bit of water (100ml) in the spices pan
4. Cook until it's done

This is very spicy! Prepare a cup of warm sweet tea to cool it down ;)

Oooohh I just remember, next week, on Thursday afternoon I'm off to California with my boyfriend and our friends! I'm excited!! Especially knowing that I'm gonna eat A LOT of Indonesian food and RUJAK!!
Here's the picture of Nasi Padang and Rujak, my most favorite Indonesian food...

New purchase! I bought this top from Forever 21 for my California vacay!
Love it!

(Front and back)

So, where are you guys going on Spring Break?

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Krystal said...

that shirt is SO cute! i'm going to vegas! have fun in cali, that sounds amazing :)