Sunday, January 18, 2009

They said, "Stay warm, the winter is getting worst!"

So I've been told to keep myself warm. But somehow it's just hard to listen to them and I can't help to keep buying summer clothes! All I think about is Spring/Summer break to California with Matt.
I do have a couple of coats, sweaters, scarf, and other winter gears (gears huh??? LOL), but it's not for the winter in Iowa, especially when the temperature goes down to -25*C and the windchill makes it feels like -38*C :)
Anyways, I just bought this gorgeous cardigan from Ruche. Again, it doesn't keep me warm, but it keeps me stylish ;)

Also this Billabong coat from Buckle
Aren't they gorgeous?


Krystal said...

loove that coat! I have been buying summer things too...2 dresses, sandals, and a some cute tshirts. i keep saying 'winter will be over soon!' i've been in denial about it for awhile now :)

Meta Hanindita said...

nice blog hita;)