Thursday, January 8, 2009

I want to stop!

Have you ever wonder why people start smoking? I wonder why and when my dad start smoking... His bad habit inspired me to try to smoke when I was 11 years old. I stole some ciggies from him or my uncle and smoke it in my room with my maid. Then after, we sprayed the air freshner and brushed our teeth.
Years later, I started to love it and smoke 1 pack a day of Marlboro Lights. It got worst, I smoke 1 pack of Marlboro Red and 1 pack of Marlboro Menthol in 1 day. Everyday there has to be at least three to four cups of coffee and at least 1 pack of Marlboro.

The best thing about moving to US is that I don't smoke so much anymore. Probably 1 pack for a month or two. Ciggies are so expensive here!
I'm at one point where I really do want to stop smoking anything. I want to be sober, I want to have what some people called "normal" life (kind of boring, maybe...)