Monday, December 29, 2008

The wedding

So, finally my roommate got married! Congrats, Vina! ...and Iqbal, of course!

So, Matt is still in DC and randomly he called me at midnight while I was sleeping like a baby. We talk for 7 hours and I finally got to sleep at 7 in the morning! 3 hours later, Mutia, the lady who was going to put make up on the bride came n kind of yelled at me because I was still sleeping at 10... So I got up, but my mind was still sleeping and somehow I felt nervous at the same time! After I made breakfast (instant noodle hehehe) for the bride, we got ready and stuff... Again, I was half sleeping and nervous!
At the wedding, when it was about "I DO" time, my heart beat so fast! I was so scared that I was gonna faint >_< I'm happy for them. Getting married is a big decision. I think I'm too young for that :)

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