Thursday, December 18, 2008

Time to reward ourselves!

8 days to Christmas, yet I haven't found the right tree yet =) I want a pink Christmas tree like this...

But thinking of going to trift stores in a cold and icy days (I'm talking about -18*C temperature and below) makes me want to just hibernating at home, like a bear.
Since this is my 1st Christmas away from thousand miles away, I'm not that excited. There'll be no Christmas dinner with family, unless my mentor family invite me. There'll be no mom who's eager to drag me to the church in the morning.
I just don't feel that Christmas spirit in me. But anyway, I'm gonna
reward myself with a few things like this...

[Headbands by Mixbaby Design @ Etsy]
Have you thought about rewarding yourself?

2008 is the craziest year in my life! The guys that added some spices in it, my 1st summer n winter experience in the USA, the travels, the ups and downs, the 1st and the most terrible homesickness, the special people that change my life and will always be in my heart, my girl Sundari from Intimate Vignettes whom I haven't talked to for so long, I miss you babe!
My conclusion is 2008 was (and still is) awesome!

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The Clothes Horse said...

Those trees are really pretty. I like the headbands too.