Wednesday, November 5, 2008


...and i'm sorry for being busy in my own little world, contemplating about nothing, daydreaming, and sleeping =)
am i the only 1 who has to clean up the bread crumbs from the toasters?
well, i am tired of being tired, sick of being sick, and bored of being bored. i need some excitement!
i need to eat the real food made by my mother to keep my sanity... i need to hug her aswell! and tell her i love her, no matter how bitchy i could be (to her).
i am tired of staying under silent mushroom huts where things just expand soothingly and inanimate objects just breathe. i wanna go to the "Purple Planet" again. tripping and feeling sane. i wanna go to bonsai beach, drink the magic juice with the boys. watch the sand sucking my feet and stumbling around the street. oh...i think matt stole a pack of ciggies from circle k! ...could u roll me a joint?
hhhmmm i miss laying down on the sidewalk in legian street, watching the stars dancing. or talking to a dog. walking in strange gangs and being paranoid of seeing the shadows.
i don't know what i've been rambling about, but i think i need is a big hug and a slap on my face (the hard 1 would be nice!) to tell me that he's gone and i should move on!

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