Tuesday, November 25, 2008

DC, I'm in love!!

Yes, I am in love! Couple of days ago, I went to Tyson Corner Center with Francis. While he was working at Häagen-Dazs, I went shopping by myself, all day from 2pm until 7pm :) Shopping, chocolate, good food, a good friend...what else would I ask?
So I wandered around the mall and this shop caught my eye. Urban Outfitters. I love this shop!! I want to work there someday, as 1 of their creative team maybe =D

This shop is so wonderful! With all the amazing stuff that they sell, stuff that you rarely find in other shop. Unusual. Vintage. Retro. You name it!
They have a lot of "oh-so-lovely" that "i-want-it" stuff :)
And after spending 1,5 hours in that shop, I decided to purchase this top... Eerr I don't care although it's winter!!

And here are some stuff in my other shopping bags :)

Aren't they lovely? ;) Oooppss! I guess I need to buy another bag to put my stuff in before I get back to Cedar Rapids >_<

Happy Thanks Giving!!

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Mila said...

What very lovely things.
I am in love with that top from UO.