Tuesday, November 18, 2008


...blame it to Sundari from Intimate Vignettes :) I am falling in love with Lomography and have been saving to buy DIANA+ EDELWEISS EDITION. I love this camera! It will complete my white gadget collection: white SONY VAIO laptop, white iPod, white Samsung digital camera. Hhhhmmmmmm can't wait to get this camera and wander around the town, taking random pictures!
Thank you, Sun, for introducing me to Lomography world! I love it! It helps me to forget about homesickness and be creative ;)
Much love,
Hita x0x0


melomano said...

...the most beautiful camera on this planet!!!

greetz from a portuguese in germany


Hita said...
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Hita said...

aaaaww hi!!
im glad you like this camera. i love it!
will post the pictures as soon as i get this camera ;)