Monday, November 17, 2008

DC on Friday!!

My oh my...!! I'm off to Washington DC on Friday afternoon. I'm so excited! Going to see my best friend of 10 years, Francis.
Anyways, I've been searching in the internet about Flea Markets, Thrift Stores, and Vintage Shops around his town, Fairfax, Virginia. And he's going to give me the list of places to hang out, delicious restaurants and maybe some coffee shops since we both love coffee and used to hang out at Java Nuts coffee shop all the time, back in high school. He said some time I have to wander around the town by myself, as he has to work until midnight. It's okay. Hhhhmmmmmm I can't wait!! I really do need a vacation after drowning myself into these paperworks, dealing with my low-maintenance roommates and homesickness since last July.
Oh well... At the moment, I have to finish 1 essay, 1 Computer homework, 1 Human Relations test and 1 book report. Everything has to be done before Friday because I am going to skip the classes on Monday, Tuesday, and the next Monday ;) Ssssshhhhhh don't tell anybody xP
Have a good night you all x0x0

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