Monday, October 6, 2008


Taurus is my zodiac sign. I love it! Here are some characteristic of Taurus women ;)

The women born during this period are of middle stature.
The body is plumpy, the forehead - broad and the neck - thick.
Taurean woman normally have a clean complexion, dark hair, bright eyes, well developed muscles,and broad shoulders. They have a nice and friendly way of interacting with others.

You have lots of patience and can withstand great hardships. But when provoked beyond limits, you become wild with rage and no power can withstand you.
Taureans are quite conservative and have a strong will power. They also show signs of laziness.
You cannot be deceived into doing anything that you do not want to.

Women born under this sunsign have a very calm nature and can put up with lot of provocation.
A Taurean woman speaks less and has a very strong will power . You have more moral and emotional courage than the average women.
It is easy for a Taurean woman to maintain harmony in domestic life and live a happy and enjoyable life. Very dependable and faithful , you are also a good cook and a very good homemaker.

You are less sensitive to pains and normally enjoy strong health. But if you fall ill, the recovery will be slow because your recooperative power is slow and you seldom co-operate with the doctor due to your stubborn nature.
Diseases effecting the throat and lower abdomen like tonsils, diptheria,throat infections colds, constipation trouble you. Pimples and sore eyes are also a sore spot for you.
You should avoid cold stuff and maximise intake of green vegetables to remain fit and healthy. Long walks are best exercise for you and you should have sufficient sleep also.

You are one of the few people who steadily earn and save money. You should be cautious while spending.
You can have a strong temptation for gambling also. You can become a good broker/ money arranger/ banker. It is not uncommmon for you to measure your success only from your savings.

Taurus females are not outgoing types. They will prefer to kep themselves ocupied in their own affairs and still attract people.
Once in love, you are very romantic and develop a strong attraction towards opposite sex .However you are quite slow in reacting. Good surroundings with lot of open air and natural looks turn you on.
Harmony of colours and especially pastel shades of blue and pink are your favourites. Generally, you are not jealous of other females.
Taurus women have a large appetite for sex. Throat is the hotspot for you.

You take long time to select your partner, but once married you shall prove to be a devoted wife. Taurus women rarely divorce . You care a lot for your husband.
You are also a very caring mother for your childen and do everything possible to see them in good shape.
Taurean women are good housemakers and do everything in a well planned and efficient manner. Food cooked by the Taurean women is often the best and they do show it well by throwing parties.

Women born under Taurus sunsign may become too lazy and get a tendency of taking life in a easy way.Being very fond of food, you gain weight very soon. This leads to showing down of general metabolism and a number of other problems.

Lucky days are Friday, Wednesday & Saturday.
Lucky colors are Pink, Blue and White.
Lucky numbers for you are 2 & 8.

Emerald and Blue sapphire are the lucky gemstones for you. The gems should have a vibrant aura and should never have been worn before. The weight has to be decided as per your body weight and age.

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