Thursday, October 30, 2008

Am I still sane???

I don't know why these days I'm so confused, feel so lost and keep asking whether I'm still sane or not. I've never ever been in this kind of situation, but things has been strange since I'm living in a dull, monotonous and isolated existance.
Hita that I know is easygoing, love being around people, love being outside, fun, loving, caring and laugh alot. But this Hita, she's strange, anti-social, mean bitch, rude, over analyzed everything, suffering from OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder), she locks herself in her room all day and night, she sleeps the whole afternoon and sometimes upto 12-14 hours. Who is this Hita???
Therefore, I took "My Part 1 Psychological Quiz" @
And here's my result:


Ana Brockmann said...

We all do c ourselves in a simmilar situation sometimes...
What´s sane or normal?...It all depends on how we c things in life and on our state of mind...Everithing is relative(Einstein said it already...)

And what should we think about whenever a bad day gets to a bad month...ending up not knowing what we are here for and what we should live for...?
God,happiness,health,or somebody that really listens to what u are saying...?
Life isn´t easy most of the days we live...we are normaly disappointed about what we have and angry about what the rest has...Isn´t that sad?

Cheer up!!Life is the most interesting and cruel experience we will ever lets live from hand to mouth and forget as soon as possible every bad circunstance that makes us feel empty xxxx

Hita said...

Aaaaww Ana, thank you for your inspiring comment :)