Sunday, September 28, 2008


by Serena Collins

I'm running 7 minutes late behind the girl I'd like to be
While I got up at 8:05 she's up at 6:03
As I'm typing up a paper drinking coffee to wake up,
She's eaten breakfast and in bathroom doing hair and make-up.
I'm running 15 minutes late behind the girl I'd like to be
She got on Interstate 380 ten whole minutes before me!
Her speedometer read 63 while mine read 70. "Ha! I passed her at last!"
Until red and blue lights signales me "You're going way too fast!"
Now I'm running 20 minutes late behind the girl I'd like to be
Five minutes before 8:00 she slipped into a classroom seat
Thirty minutes passed; I appeared in a huff, tripping on my shoelace loops,
I handed in a paper that's been due a week or two. (Oops!)
Wait! I just realized something!
This doesn't have to be my story.
That night I hit the books and catch up on all those projects due,
I walk over to the alarm clock and set it for morning 6:02
Then at 9 pm I hit the lights and climb into my bed
But it's too early so I count cute cuddly sheep inside my head.
Nine hours later...
It's 6:02 the sun's not up, with a jump I'm out of bed
I yawn and stretch, and shout for glee
"Hey, I'm 1 minute ahead of the girl I want to be!"
I leap for victory
Because now the girl I want to be has to catch up with...

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